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Our Story

The internet is of full of bad website design. Not just website that look bad, but websites that do not have a clear purpose and that are not aligned with the goals (and yes, many of these also happen to look bad).

We are a group of entrepreneurs, writers, and designers who understand just how important a website can be in building successful experiences, projects, or companies for an audience. DQ & Partners was founded in 2016 to provide people who are doing amazing work in the world with a resource to elevate their special occasions, personal brands, or business ventures with accessibly-priced good design.


Handcrafted A Design Of Your Own

We don't use templates for your design – we build it from the ground up keeping your concerns in mind throughout our process.


Goal-Oriented Defining Success For You

Our process uncovers exactly what you intend to use your website for and what your definition of success is for your new website.


Nimble Turnaround Swift, But Never Rushed

Working alongside you, our team can have your website live in six weeks or less – ensuring you can use your design quickly.

Meet The Founder

"I have always liked creating things with my hands. I can remember, as a kid, sketching and using blocks to build skyscrapers. One of the most fascinating things I ever did as a child was build the circuitry of a working flashlight from the ground up. Good website design reminds me of that flashlight – functional and beautiful – and that flashlight reminds me of why I find this work exciting."

Derrius Quarles
Some Details

If You Are Curious...

To empower individuals and companies that are positively impacting society with amazing web experiences and visual identities that help them reach new business goals.

As a team of self-taught entrepreneurs with direct experience doing the things potential clients seek to achieve. Thus, we will suggest proven methods for hitting your goals and will never tell you to invest in anything that we wouldn’t do if we were designing for ourselves.

We are proud of the testimonials our clients have given us and the fact that they trusted us with their most precious ideas.

The first thing we do is get to know you and your vision for the work you would like done. By doing this, we uncover the goals our design should help you achieve.

Great design is what we strive for and we take great pride in our work. Thus, we are serious about the “Partners” being in our name. So we will be just as invested as you are in creating designs that elevate you, your special day, or your business to a new level.